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Some thoughts about the question if free software distributions should include non-free software and how this relates to Replicant and Debian. An attempt at a fitting analogy is made at the end.



The Galaxy S3 comes with a bootloader named S-Boot which is a proprietary bootloader from Samsung. In this post, I want to collect information about the possibilty to run the free bootloader U-Boot on the phone.

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Git Hosting: Reducing Server Load with Bundles

Cloning large repositories can result in quite some load on the server side. A possible solution is the use of bundles. Git can package a certain revision in an archive. The client can fetch the bundle and set up a clone locally based on the bundle.

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Why is our society so segregated?

It's 2016 and not much seems to have changed over the last decades when looking at the big picture. Very few people are getting richer and richer while the rest has less and less. There are many violent conflicts around the world. People are divided by religion, race, ...