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Swift 1.0

Another milestone yesterday. Apple GM'd Xcode 6 and with it the new programming language, Swift, goes to v1.0 and you can now ship apps written in Swift I have spent the bulk of the last 18 months learning Objective-C "properly", but as soon as Swift came out I have


So I was wrong on every count with guessing what Apple's watch might be. I was almost convinced they would do some sort of hybrid mechanical watch with some iOS, touch screen wizardry in in somewhere. I have to say I havent had that much fun speculating about Apple gadgets


Before the world is treated to the next batch of smart watches, for this post I have two very different types of Smart Watch for consideration: The HD3 Slyde and the Pebble. HD3 Slyde The Slyde from HD3 is a Smart Watch only in the sense that it is a


As much as I think a watch from Apple would be great I would'nt be greatly dissapointed if an Apple watch didnt happen. If Apple do produce a watch I have no doubt it will be amazing and they will attempt to create a "new category" and/or "redefine" what