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Nordex offers a large selection of linear motion components: Linear Bearings, Slides, Tables, Guideways, Ball Splines, High Precision Ball, Crossed Roller, Slides and Guides.

linear motion components

Linear Bearings

Are available in Precision Series, High Performance Series, Double Wide Linear Bearings, Flanged, Low Clearance , as Housed Units, and Linear-Rotary Bearings.

High Precision Ball and Crossed Roller Slides and Guides

Are available in many sizes offering a large selection in travel and load capacity.

Ball Slides/Ball Slide Assemblies

Are available in subminiature, miniature and standard sizes with .5 to 4.0 inches of travel and load capacities of 4 to 30 pounds. Other Ball Slide Assemblies are available .75 - 4.00 inches of travel with a load capacity of 15 to 118 pounds. Straight line accuracy .0005/" travel.

Crossed Roller Slides

Offered from 1 to 6 inches of travel and load capacities of 50 to 1000 pounds.

Ball Splines

Are available with a Cylindrical Spline Nut, Keyless Block Type, Flanged, also available are Commercial Ball Splines and Rotary Ball Splines.

Shaft Support Housings

A wide variety of linear motion slide unites are available: Precision Linear Housings, Block type, Double wide block type, Compact block type, Double wide compact block type, Resin block type, Self aligning, pillow block type housings, Open block type, Clearance adjustable type

Precision Linear Bearings, Crossed Roller Slides, Crossed Roller Slide Tables, Crossed Roller Slide Assemblies, Slide Guides, Guide Wheel Dimensions and Materials, Ball Splines, Housing Units, Guideways, in Inch and Metric sizes

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PDF files

Ball Spline-Cylindrical Spline Nut Metric 64M
Cylindrical Ball Splines Commercial Quality (410) 544-9159
7605313420 tacketing gut
(505) 839-6729
Ball Spline - Two Side Cut Flange Type Metric
(978) 624-4727
Rotary Ball Splines MYC-A6 series
Rotary Ball Splines MYC-A7 series
(306) 859-3708
(908) 876-4202

Precision Linear & Rotary Bearings

Thrust Bearings Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Inch Sizes
Teflon Bearings Plain Inch Oil Impregnated Bronze Bearing, Commercial, Inch, Plain, Flanged Oil Impregnated Bronze Panel Mount Bearing, Commercial, Inch, Plain, Unflanged
(253) 508-1418
Precision Linear Ball Bearings Metric Sizes
Precision Linear Ball Bearings Inch Sizes
Precision Linear Bearings, Double Wide Type, Metric Precision Linear Bearing, Double Wide Type, Inch Precision Linear Bearings, Round Flange, Double Wide, Inch Precision Linear Bearing, Round Flange, Double Wide, Metric
(678) 727-5877
Low- Clearance Linear Bearings 69A 70A
High Performance Linear Ball Bearings
Needle Roller Bearings, Inch
(903) 991-1813
(410) 290-7438
Precision Linear Bearings-High Performance Series, Inch Precision Linear Bearings-High Performance Series, Metric Flanged Linear Bearings, Inch Sizes Flanged Linear Bearings, Metric Sizes twig-lined
Precision Linear & Rotary Stroke Bearings 79A-80A
Housing, Precision Linear Unit
Housing Shaft End Supporters & Support Rail
Housing, Block Type, Metric Series
Housing, Double Wide Block Type, Metric Series
Housing, Compact Block Type, Metric Series
Housing, Double Wide Compact Block Type, Inch Series Housing, Resin Block Type
(413) 778-2349
(289) 547-7681
Housing Clearance Adjustable Type, Metric
Housing Open Block Type, Metric
Housing Double Wide Open Block Type,Metric
Housing Open Block With Clearance Adjustable, Metric
(501) 269-2927
Housing Inch / Metric Open, Closed, Adjustable Block Type bromcresol

Linear & Rotary Translation Stages

Linear Translation Stages
Miniature Rotary Translation Stage
Rotary Translation Stages Actuators
Rotary Translation Stages
(845) 297-0842
(586) 406-6480
Positioning Stages and Ball Slides 3193468874
(858) 845-9696 9845553636
Linear Guideway 79M - 82M
High Precision Ball Slides & Crossed Roller Slides 15M
High Precision Sub-Miniature Ball Slide Tables
High Precision Miniature Ball Slides
High Precision Standard Ball Slides
13M - 17M
High Precision Crossed Roller Slides 18M - 19M
Crossed Roller Slide Tables Inch and Metric Sizes 20M - 24M
Crossed Roller Slide Assemblies 25M - 26M
Ball Slide Assemblies 27M - 28M
714-693-9939 29M - 35M
Acme Lead Screws and Nuts nonhomogeneous

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