Court-Ordered Programs
Self-Referral Programs
The Center for Cognitive Education, LLC has developed programs to challenge participants' harmful and irresponsible thinking patterns in an effort to create awareness and to encourage change based on the idea that all individuals are in control of their choices and lives. The goals of our programs are to provide the participant with an avenue of responsible thinking and an atmosphere and opportunity to facilitate positive change.

What we Provide

  • The knowledge to identify and challenge destructive thinking patterns
  • Tools to become more accountable for decisions
  • The help to gain insight into past thinking errors that have harmed other and self
  • The ability to evaluate a motivation for change.
  • The ability to evaluate relationships in an effort to build healthy ones.


FOR ENROLLMENT INFORMATION: Please go to our "Contact Us" section to access/download the current Referral Form for the specific office location you are seeking to enroll in servives. Follow the instructions provided on the Referral Form. There is no need to call/ email to schedule an appointment to attend the Orientation. If you have any additional questions for a specific office location, please send an email by clicking on their email link as listed in the â€œContact Us” section.

Thank you, CCE Management. 

The Center for Cognitive Education, LLC (The CCE) is excited to offer an innovative software, Compliance Check and Share, as part of our web- site which will better assist us in continuing to develop and maintain collaborative relationships with the Courts and Referring Agencies. Compliance Check and Share brings us in sync immediately with the Courts and Referring Agencies. This technology allows the Courts and Referring Agencies to check the status of clients regarding treatment, fees, and initial contact with The CCE. Compliance Check and Share will also help the Courts and Referring Agencies to stay in contact with day-to- day operations at The CCE, while minimizing paperwork, phone calls, and faxes. This technology was specifically designed considering both the needs of The CCE and those of the Referring Agencies. Click here to login to the Compliance Check and Share.