Workplace Wellness

On-Site group fitness classes, personal training, nutrition coaching, and wellness classes for employees.

Making organizations healthier, happier, and more productive.


Resident Wellness

Exclusively for Arizona’s luxury housing communities– Epic Fitness provides fitness and nutrition services to residents inside their first-class fitness center.


Sports Conditioning

Sport and age specific strength and conditioning programs.

Make drastic improvements in your level of athleticism, skill, strength, power, and ability.

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In-home Training

The “In-Home” Training Program is the ultimate in convenience. A personal trainer comes directly to your door with everything you need for a full-body workout.

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  • The in home training program with Epic Fitness allowed me to continue working out almost immediately after having my child. I was able to workout in my own living room and shed the baby weight twice as fast as my first pregnancy.

  • No matter what your fitness level, Epic Fitness trainers work with you to create the most optimal work-out routine!… I really like being challenged but not aggressively pushed. I like that they never make me feel guilty for my fitness level and the trainers are very accepting and personable in the best ways.

    Sam S.
  • With Epic Fitness you always know what to expect: professional, organized, and always thinking ahead. Their standards are high and they always have their client’s best interest in mind.

    Jaime B.
  • I spent almost 2 years training at LA fitness before coming across Kyle and Epic Fitness personal training. After a week with Epic Fitness I realized I had been wasting so much time traveling to the gym to work with inexperienced trainers. My friend Gina and I train together three days a week in her living room and every session is completely different. The cardio boxing workouts are my favorite!

  • My trainer at Epic Fitness was incredibly motivated and made each workout intense and fun, my results have been incredible and I couldn’t be happier!

  • As a social golfer I had wanted to improve my game enough to not embarrass myself on the course with business associates. Epic Fitness helped me increase my drive through golf specific core and rotational training, and movements that improved my flexibility and range of motion. I’ve been extremely happy with my results.

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