When I was a child, I could sleep anywhere.

Why would Leif come over here and help us?

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Is there a clause in the lease regarding that?


Jimmy was a loner.

There are many words that I don't understand.

So, the assistant returned $1 to each man.

I think this is delicious.

A hurricane destroyed Bud's house.

I just worked 13 hours straight.

Larry says he needs a nap.

Without hesitation, I granted his request.

It's good that you came to me.


The victory is ours.


The moon is the dream of the sun.

Often does a woman change her heart, mad be the man who will trust her.

I want you to stay here and look after Kimmo.


Most people don't have researched, well-thought-out positions regarding economic policy. They have opinions based on feelings.

You do that!

Lex is a late riser.

Pardon the interruption.

Does jazz hold any appeal for you?


I still need an answer.

I didn't tell her anything.

We're very lucky to be alive.

It makes no difference whether he will come or not.

I don't mind reading manuals.

I'm the one with the car.

She has great respect for her homeroom teacher.

Tell him where you are.

You need not worry about the tsunami due to this earthquake.

I had some work that needed finishing.

Although I may be unhappy, I won't commit suicide.


Their goal and activating main idea was indeed brotherhood and justice among the peoples.

Come and see us by all means.

I knew I was right.


You'll embarrass Sharon.

I knew your name sounded familiar.

He doesn't know what's going on.


How do you know I haven't found someone special?

Discussion continued in the Foreign Ministry over social integration and the policy of accepting foreigners in Japan.

The curtains were all open.


What does the Bible say about this?

It comes to my remembrance.

He finally accomplished the work.


As you won't live forever, of course, your housing accommodations are impermanent.


I'm to be blamed for that matter.

Trent thinks Meeks should be happy.

A child was washed away by the wave!

Margie is a charmer.

Looking out of the window, I saw a man standing near the door.

Drew admitted he wasn't really sick.

I don't tend to look back and regret what I've done.

I don't know what was in that box.

We need some more information about that product.


Everyone knows who you are.

That's what my dad always says.

In the first place, we have to decide on the name.

I gave her the morning off.

Old people say that previously hot water was shut off all summer.

Why blame her?

Dan was confronted with evidence that he couldn't deny.

Ms. Yamamoto teaches us English.

I don't have a case for my glasses.


It's getting late, so we'd better get going.

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A woman's tongue wags like a lamb's tail.

Watch my back.

Evidently not.


Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?


That's a very nice suit.


Are there fireflies in your garden?

We know perfectly well that he specialized in that language, however we can not allow him to take any sentence written in it, because that is not his native language.

I'm looking forward to meeting your parents.

I had to find out for myself.

You're an animal.

I am going to inform the post office of the change of my address.

I bet you can't guess where I was last night!

Can you make sense of what the writer is saying?

I was thinking of her.


Good habits should be cultivated in childhood.

I feel ready for the challenge.

Quite a few people came to the party.


What is it that you want to ask me?

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We need to check this report for accuracy.


I don't know how to write in English.

You're going to Boston next week, right?

There are no houses around here.

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Orthography is very important.

The wind gradually died down.

"What do I care about Sugih?" "He's your only son, at least." "A son I would gladly give up."

Of the three boys, the youngest is the most attractive.

I pay Charley's salary.

I lifted my son so that he could see it.

How dare she have sex with my husband?

A Mr Brown came this morning.

You live in a nice place.

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The rain stopped just long enough for me to dash into the cafe without getting wet.

Who built it?

There used to be a great castle on that hill.

He bought far too many sweet potatoes.

I do remember doing that.

Thanks for the lesson!

Lindsay has a long beard.

Harv hosted an extravagant party in his mansion.

That's why I'm giving you this.


When you expect to get something for nothing, the only person you're fooling is yourself.

The school lies in that direction.

Can you imagine working here?


I like a lot of sugar in my coffee.

Thank you, I've had enough.

I would've liked to have gone there with you.

How can you be so sure?

Richard talks like an old man.

I wanted to be like her.

He used to eat out every day, but he can't afford it.

I barely made the train.

You look determined.

I hope I get a watch for my birthday.

How many hours did you work this week?

What kind of funeral do you want?

Of course, Toft loves his children.

Amigo asked Kitty where her mother was.

The frustrated tennis player smashed his racquet on the court and incurred a hefty fine.


Marriages are made in heaven.

Novorolsky decided that it wasn't necessary to pay that bill today.

A small, naked bulb gave the only illumination.

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I think this is pretty cool.

I've seen this movie at least three times already.

Son is so irresponsible. I can't believe it.

Let my hair down now if you can.

The glass shattered into pieces.

Are you in love?

Tell her that I am preparing dinner.

Ti will never believe that.

He made a bad decision.


He's young, naive and inexperienced.

There's something on your neck.

You have to tell Rahul not to do that anymore.

Wilson said he wished to speak to you himself.

I don't think either of us wants that to happen.


It's time for bed now.

Martha isn't that attractive.

Roxana got the children to laugh.

The lake is four miles across.

I can't work with you.


They didn't know what to do first.

Taiwanese food is milder than Indian food.

I'm a homosexual woman.

This book is green.

We need time.


It was not very well hidden.

We have three boys and one girl.

I hate living alone.


My head hurts.

I just hope no one saw me do that.

The pirates buried their treasure in the ground.

We'll meet up with them later.

I'm not very busy right now.

I prefer plain materials.

I'm still sleepy.

There is a window on your left.

Lois was asking for it.

Over ten percent of them can do the work.

The website you told me about was very interesting and also useful.


Fifty-two per cent of British women prefer chocolate to sex.

I don't like to sew, but I shall have to shorten these trousers.

Wade is a terrible manager.