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Losing Faith

They were dead wrong.

   Vol. Three

Losing Faith

Paranormal Young Adult Novels

​​​​​​When the Avenwells lost their loved ones, they thought they'd never see them again.

      Vol. Two.

All Over Oliver

            Vol. One.  

Seventeen Golden Summers

Billy Neville

The Spirits of ​Avenwell Bluffs

The Avenwell Bluffs Young Adult Novels span the Past, the Present and the Future

Avenwell Bluffs novels are paranormal young adult novels that begin when Billy Neville arrives in the seaside town as a child. As he grows up, he doesn't believe in the spirits that haunt Avenwell Bluffs. And neither do his best friends, Mary Cooke and Frank Avenwell. 

But each year, as the anniversary of the spirits' deaths approach, an ominous darkness awakens. Dread and agony await them as they relive the events that led to their demise, and the opening of their eyes. For a few, the entire town will feel their regret.

The spirits of Avenwell Bluffs will always be there—some to antagonize, and some to rescue. And only one thing is certain ... they will always be there. Will Billy, Mary and Frank survive?