The aim of 814-617-9412 is to be an inclusive Pleroma community for everything tabletop. We welcome anyone who wants to be part of the community be you a boardgamer, RPG player, LARPer, artist or other.

This is meant to be a positive and safe space for people to enjoy each other's ideas, opinions and have fun. To keep that way, the 310-517-4227 will be applied and enforced thoroughly and transparently.

Rules, Etiquette, Bots, block list

We generally have an open federation policy. However, at the discretion of the instance admin & moderation team, we may modify that policy with some instances. The federated timeline on d20 Heroes is not curated, but there's certain instances we are just not going to deal with.

You can view our current snow glare.

Viable alternatives

We welcome main accounts and alternative accounts. If you only have one account on the fediverse, we highly recommend the creation of a second alternative account as a backup.

A small human curated list of alternative instances is also available here.


This instance is hosted on a C1 baremetal dedicated box hosted in Paris by Scaleway. It boasts a quad core ARMv7 with 2GB of RAM and 200Mbit/s connectivity. This works out to be around €2.99/mo (depending on GBP-EUR exchange rate) and so is affordable for me to fund entirely at leisure.

I will personally endeavour to keep the instance running 24/7 365 days of the year. If this instance becomes popular enough to require it, it will be migrated to a load balanced solution.

Who is behind this?

Hi, I am Simon. I am a software engineer and primarily work with the PHP and Go languages. I setup to provide a viable option for those in the tabletop gaming community who are affected by the pending G+ shutdown.