Nobody anticipated such a sharp decline in interest rates.

Vicky spent three decades in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

Don't hang out with her.

The photograph was falsified.


Can you skate?

I'm not really sure.

The apples are not ready to pick yet.

Haumea is a dwarf planet found in the Kuiper Belt. The Kuiper Belt is a big cloud of gas, dust, and rocky debris located at the outer edge of our solar system.

She can't swim.

What would happen if a large asteroid struck the earth?

Shel has several suggestions.

Her father won't come, he is very busy.

Tuna is very popular, I suppose.

It's important we find Ramiro.

What kind of books do you need?

Can you identify the man in this picture?

Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.

I used to sing Pandora to sleep.

She kicked him out of the house.

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I have lost my camera.

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Your plan is sure to succeed.


She left out the fourth question on the examination.

He had graduated from the university and was always showing off.

Tell them to show up.


I'm dying to order some desserts.

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She was a middle-aged urban professional.

I have a new plan.

It's not something I'm familiar with.


Anyway, you get the idea.


Jacobson got out of the hospital.


Will you please check to see if my order has been dealt with?

I don't care how long ago it was.

They appointed him chairman.

You'll never guess who I ran into in town today.

I met Tony on my way school this morning.


Duncan lived in Boston until a few years ago.

Sriram thought he probably shouldn't go there by himself.

The floor is wet and slippery.

I think I'd like to stay here.

Sean pulled his gun out of his holster.

I've seen something similar to this happen before.

I thought Laurent was meeting us here.

She retorted against him.

He is sailing a little boat on the water.

They did not like the way he threatened his opponents.

Sometimes you can see the ISS in the sky.


His tale came home to me.

At some point the United States will elect a female president, and it won't be a pretty sight.

Do you want the tea hot or iced?

I find that suspicious.

I need to speak to Kris now.

Don't speak to me like that!

Arlene is blushing.

Ahmet traveled to another dimension.

I hope you know that the last thing I want to do is hurt you.

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A beautiful woman was seated one row in front of me.


I'll take care of your kitten while you're gone.

Churchill uses the metaphor of building a temple.

I bought that record in this store.


Kari worked his fingers to the bone.

His dog follows him everywhere.

I'm not a problem-solver.

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What about me?

This store enjoys a geographical advantage.

I am taking pictures of the bridge.

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I am very afraid.

I've never believed that.

Rice grows in warm countries.

I told Frances not to date Linder.

Do you think you'll be able to solve the problem by yourself?

I would've done the same thing.

I hate studying.


I didn't prepare a presentation. So I just blagged it.

Young people like popular music.

Floyd and Jacques sat next to each other in the classroom.

The visitors were herded into the elevator.

Nor was he ever known to curse unless against the government.

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After they argued, they didn't speak to each other for a week.

I heard that Norma was mean to his last girlfriend.

I'll let you know when I've figured it out.

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Are you contented?


I'm not in a position to give you any advice.


I've had no problems with Hugh.

It really is a good price.

I never used any kind of headband.

I don't think that incident requires any further explanation.

Juha has been married to Dannie for three years.

I am forced to do it.

I have to wear earplugs to drown out all the noise from the construction site next door.

He is curious about how she will receive the news.

I was detained.


As is often the case with him, he was late for class.


There are many interesting people in the world.

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Srinivas put his bag on the counter.

He makes life miserable for everyone around him.

Rajesh doesn't drink a lot.

Carole neglected his work.

He had the misfortune to lose all his money.

The card you drew was a red, wasn't it?

She doesn't want to try anything else.

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I don't get along with my stepmother.

Is it OK to talk to Po first?

In the Quran there is a part about Saint Cindy and the birth of Jesus Christ.

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Tatoeba is an interesting playing field for smartasses.

Let us handle them.

I ran into Vince this afternoon in the supermarket.

I'll never tell anybody.

I want to move to the country.

I'm not good at speaking French.

I'm not hesitating.


He pronounces English words in Spanish fashion because he is a Mexican.


The joke amused the audience.


May I accompany you home?

Timothy has no ambition.

I haven't thought about Lars in a long time.

I think love doesn't exist.

Nowadays jobs are hard to come by.

Don't forget to let the dog in.

When the body is touched, receptors in the skin send messages to the brain causing the release of chemicals such as endorphins.


Marek is a lucky guy.

I'm dying to learn more about you.

They have decided to stick to the original plan after all.

There's so much to do.

I wish I'd never told Nicolette that.

Alfred saw two men lying on the floor, bleeding from gunshot wounds.

As you sow, so will you reap.

I've promised Marco I would help.

Alcohol doesn't solve any problems.

They said that his claim was false.

He is an ambassador at the American embassy.

That boy is completely crazy. He doesn't follow any of the rules.

Three people were slightly injured.

He could die.

As usual, I mispronounced words and broke my sentences up in the wrong places.


It is an open secret that he deals in weapons.

Not only you but also he is in the wrong.

I'm sure you're going to like this.


I got the impression Howard wanted to be alone.

General Motors laid off 76,000 of its workers.

First they saw the debris then they looked at each other.


That song is very popular with young people.

Do you like her?

Explain your idea more clearly.


It looks like it'll rain today.


She was very rude to him.


This girl has become a woman.


I ran out of the room without knowing what I was doing.

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Many businesses were plundered during the riots.


Meg is the double of her mother.


The city's multi-story buildings built in the 1940's are in danger of collapse.

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Harry says that he hasn't made up his mind yet.

They stayed at home, because it rained.

Do you like German beers?

At least tell them how you feel.

Raul didn't want to do that.

We were partly right.

We will be having some guests tonight.

Can you make sure that Shawn is OK?

That every one who believes in him may have eternal life.