He will play soccer tomorrow.

I'm so busy these days it makes my head spin. I don't even have time to watch a video.

It took three weeks for me to get over my cold.

Can I share something important with you?

My hat blew off.


At the peep of day we were aroused by the voice of my good grandfather, who planted himself in the stairway and shouted in a stentorian tone, "I wish you all a Merry Christmas!".


Do as I told you to do.

The expression on her face was more sour than a lemon.

They stole horses and cattle.

I'm afraid we're stuck here.

I'll call her when I get there.

Why don't you call William and remind him?

I may do; it would depend on circumstances at the time.

I learn ten new words every day.

Tell Doyle he has to get out of bed.

I haven't used Anki in a week and now I have 500 flashcards due.

The world is divided into people who get things done, and people who get the credit.

Write something.

He was bullied as a kid.


Kuldip was adopted by a couple in Boston when he was three years old.


Don't litter!

I'm going to head back to the dorm.

You're taking this too personally.

This plastic chair is very cheap.

Albert's fingers got smashed while working on the assembly line.

Knowledge many languages is advantage in contemporary world.

What are you going to eat for dinner?

Fred poured wine into three glasses.

I only wish I had stopped her.


Carlo has threatened to kill me.


I was aggressive.

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There's been a corresponding increase in wholesale prices.

How tall is your wife?

You're being silly.


No, it wasn't him.


He and I often chat on the bus.

I've never seen anyone enjoy reading as much as you do.

Neville walked out of the movie because he was too scared.

Do you know what Ricky wants for Christmas?

Geoff appears to have achieved what he set out to do.

He described the accident in detail.

Over and out.

Where will you be staying?

This peanut butter is delicious.


Anxiety about immigration is one of the reasons why Great Britain voted to leave the European Union.

I want to stay home with my family.

I am great.

That's the kind of thing Kelly would do.

Tonight, I'll miss you.

I don't lie.

Merril hasn't finished all his homework yet.

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Her nail polish had begun to come off.

It was unlocked.

We have few occasions in life to be witness to extraordinary history.

He looked at her angrily.

I have a good job.

I don't know exactly what I'm going to do.

The last Russian Emperor, Nicholas II (Nikolay Alexandrovich Romanov), was born 144 years ago (in 1868).


Walking back from his house, I frantically searched through my memory.

Where's this from?

With pure logic you can prove the biggest nonsense.

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Let's open the box and see what's inside.

We don't want to overwhelm Pablo.

Human rights organisations complained loudly and repeatedly about the lack of civil liberties in the country under Harmon's rule.


Juliet is leaving Boston tomorrow, isn't he?

The money on the table isn't mine.

Vic needs some elbow room.

When I saw that Manuel had a gun, I got scared.

Put your thinking cap on!


Let go of my arms.


Martina fears emotional closeness.


What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Unfortunately, the ambulance arrived too late.

Please watch Grace for a while.

This is very important to us.

You aren't yourself today.

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The British defeated the French.


This is most of it.


See, I told you Douglas couldn't swim.


Marla lived there for many years.

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Mommy, why don't I have an uncle with a beard?

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Why should we care what happens after we are dead?

How did Raj's hearing go?

Why did you buy flowers?

Three men broke out of prison yesterday.

Lois says it's probably not going to rain until after midnight.

As yet, everything has been going well.

I'd still like to work together.


Myron is in Australia right now.

Marcel hasn't been officially charged.

I hadn't planned on crying today.

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I saw them smile.

Christopher isn't bothering anybody.

Brandi has never been good at keeping secrets.

You should have spoken more politely.

He settled part of his estate on his son Robert.

The chief's gonna kill me.

Under the cloak of anonymity cowards are acting as big-mouth.

Old is a former world triathlon champion.

Bryce took off his glasses and rubbed his forehead.

She was blind, deaf, and dumb.

Leif was so paranoid.

He is really dull to hardship.

I saw you there with a tall guy. Who is he?

I doubt that Malloy would ever consider asking Sam to marry him.

How often do you use your phone?


Newscasters blink a lot.


I know exactly the one you're talking about.

I'd like to have a room with a nice view.

Why don't you show it to him?

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He's always spacing out in class.

This morning it was much cooler than yesterday morning.

Roxana cut down a tree in his yard.

They crouched down beside her.

I dance in my living room all the time.

It's not safe here.

He always talks as if he knows everything.


Tears ran down my cheeks.

He'll be sure to get on in life.

Try not to make random statements.

Brendan said this kind of thing happens all the time.

The fluency of your English is amazing.

My grandmother raised me.

Well, make sure to remember the most important words.

May I leave a message?

She refused to go with me.

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I hope you will succeed in winning the prize.

I would like to invite you to lunch, if you're not busy.

I'm no bleeding-heart liberal.

She is 5 feet 5, but appears taller.

The moral sense, or conscience, is as much a part of man as his leg or arm. It is given to all human beings in a stronger or weaker degree, as force of members is given them in a greater or less degree. It may be strengthened by exercise, as may any particular limb of the body.

I knew I could count on you.

Harold talked Glen into going to Boston with him.

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I like the blue.

How do they do it?

A big rock stuck out from the bank into the river.


I want to know when you're going to Boston.

I'm afraid we don't have the time.

I couldn't stop him.

She has beautiful blue eyes.

He got drunk and became talkative.

When did you see them?

I will be waiting for the bus at seven.

The stone is too heavy for me to lift.

I searched for my father's false teeth at the lost and found, but had no luck.

I don't believe I was wrong.

I like summer best because I can swim.


I usually do my shopping at this supermarket.


In the north, it's cold in the winter.

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I don't cook.

It's been one of those days.

They eat a lot of rice.


I want to do everything I'm supposed to do.

The two premiers had nothing in common.

The rooster crows at sunrise.


We'll all be there.

I never thought I'd say that.

These are the decisions we've made.

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I took it for granted that they adored Hannah.

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Do you want to leave a message?