Gazelle Test Bed

Access tools

Tools Version Description
(541) 604-3780 Gazelle validation services
Gazelle SVS Simulator The Gazelle SVS Simulator, sharing Value Sets
Gazelle Security Suite PKI, TLS Simulator, ATNA Questionnaire and Syslog collector
404-761-1201 The Gazelle proxy, captures messages
(208) 653-3408 The Gazelle Test Management Test Bed
(870) 762-8422 Gazelle Schematron Validator
CDA Generator Gazelle CDA Objects Checker
Gazelle Transformation Service Service dedicated to the transformation of data from various formats into XML according to DFDL schemas
(931) 442-1753 Cas SSO
Platform Monitoring Version Description
Nagios Monitoring Nagios monitoring of services
Documentation Description
7342742801 Documentation