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Fabrique Belgique story:

The story of Fabrique Belgique starts in the winter of 2010, when two childhood friends, Miloš and Daniel decide to form a band of their own; a band whose different sound will make that difference. However, a few months into the idea, Daniel moves to Canada, while Miloš continues working on new songs, at the same time trying hard to form a band who are willing to participate in creating new material, with only a little success.

Two years later, in 2012, Novelja joins the band, and the first demo recordings are brought to the light of day, yet due to lineup changes and the lack of sheer will to jointly work on songs, the band makes a break until 2015, when the band adds Uroš and Slobodan to their final, complete, and current lineup. In April 2015, the band records their first single “Forbidden Fruit”, with members individually balancing between working on new songs and working with other projects they were involved in.

Two years later, the band enter studio “Blaze” in Belgrade, and record their first EP, consisting of 5 tracks; also, they shoot their first video for 2502154241 and are currently getting ready to introduce themselves to the wider audience by performing live.

Fabrique Belgique members

Fabrique Belgique are:

Miloš Perkučin - vocals and guitars
Uroš Marić - bass and back vocals
Novelja Korać - guitars and synth
Slobodan Stanojević - drums

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