Welcome to Poltech Research and Engineering

Poltech Research and Engineering is a multidisciplinary science, engineering and technology consulting firm, with experts in various fields of science and engineering, and whose expertise is ready and available for services to customers worldwide.

Our team of scientists, professional engineers, and regulatory consultants brings together more than 50 different disciplines to solve complex problems facing corporations, government entities, and individuals.

Members of our team work in the United States and abroad with large number of consultants, majority of whom earned advanced degrees in their chosen field of expertise from leading universities around the world.

   Areas of Consulting
Scientific Fields
Atmospheric Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Combustion Chemistry
Environmental Sciences
Engineering fields
Aeronautical Engineering
Alloy Chemistry and Metallurgy
Analytical Testing Desing and Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Bio Technology
Manufacturing fields
Chemical Process Manufacturing
Metalic Glasses
Metal Alloy Manufacturing
Metal Refining