This is very unusual.

He had never studied English before he went to the United States.

My father went nuts when he saw me hanging out with her.

That's my favorite movie.

To our surprise, Aimee came to our party with Markus.

This isn't supposed to be possible.


You looked at me and smiled.

Will you tell me the way to Kyoto Station?

I slept on the couch last night.

I feel like a white whale!

King was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

That's very flattering.

I really like that feeling.

On your mark, get set, go!

She was arrested and accused of being a spy.

Pim was unmarried.

We're going to have so much fun today.

The resentment runs deep.

Ray climbed up three flights of stairs.

The house is clean.

I'm not sure who has my suitcases.

I might be able to help you find The.

I know what we've got.

I can't hear very well.

Are you really OK?


Arnold looked a little uncomfortable.

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What else have you got?

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I am determined to spend my lifetime pursuing my ideals.

The boy appeared to be in bad health.

We have to overcome many difficulties.

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The politician claimed to oppose the conclusion.

Smoking has affected his health.

I look forward to seeing you at Christmas.

Whatever happened to her?

It's incredibly frustrating.

I don't think Benjamin has any ulterior motives.

They all stopped and looked at Ravindranath.

I feel like playing golf on such a lovely day.

Why didn't you just say that before?

We were here on a reconnaissance mission.

Panacea wondered if there were still people who believed that.

There is nothing going on between Murray and me.

The rain turned into snow.

Everything that can be done has already been done.

What do you mean you're going to Boston?


Ravi has a scar on his cheek.

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There he fell asleep, and while he slept, his wooden feet began to burn. Slowly, very slowly, they blackened and turned to ashes.


Get Kim.

We haven't tried doing it that way.

I slipped and hurt myself while I was clearing the road of snow this morning.

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Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.

He can't distinguish between good and evil.

The project will be completed in less than three years.


He said only one word: "Bosh!"


What happened freaked Guy out.


My bag is empty.


Summer is the hottest season.

All the problems haven't been solved yet.

I called Mongo this afternoon.

My right hand is Uighur, and my left is Han.

They might be corrupted, but they still work hard for the people.

A bird has wings.

The light came on suddenly.

I had a great time tonight.

It's an insult.

Brenda wouldn't hurt anybody.

I'll probably get hammered drunk.

Collin always keeps me waiting.

What do you think Clem will say when he finds out about this?

Yes, this is my house.

I'm awake now.


Everything comes down to cost.


It appears that he was in a hurry.

Christofer wanted Natraj to return his pen.

You'll need that.


The worse the better.

The man we trusted deceived us.

He was pressed for time, so he only skimmed through the morning paper before rushing out the door.

You shouldn't have told him about the plan.

I want to wait for them.

As far as I can, I'll help you.

Are you certain nobody followed you?

What do you and Tanaka do together?

This is one of the principal arguments against your plan.

Don't go down there.

A big tree fell in the storm.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, just not today - say all lazy people.

The older he grew, the more modest he became.

I admit to being careless.

What good would that do?

I've never met anyone like him.

Written as it is plain English, this book is useful for beginners.

The vast majority of North Americans know English only at a mediocre level.

That sentence doesn't exist in any song.

It was a very complicated world.

I put Donal down as a reference.

We chose this one.

Aardvarks are excellent diggers.


What do you owe me?


I don't know whether I've got the chutzpah to try it.


She hit me, not him.

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I'll go back and get it.


Mr. Gardner of the ABC Corporation is staying at the Marriott Hotel from February 20th to the 27th, and would like very much to meet with you.

I dated Indra for three years.

I have to go to Boston.

It's not supposed to be like this.

That can't be. It would have been in the news.

Jayesh likes ponies.

The ground started shaking.

You can't drive now. You've been drinking.

Do you have stomach pain?


I knew we were going to get married the moment I met you.


The sky is waiting for sunset.

The library is on the second floor.

I'm glad to see you again.

The hotel I'm staying at is near the station.

He might not be happy.

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Can you turn off the light?

Alastair was only 13 or 14 at the time.

Olof bought his ticket twenty minutes ago.


I think we've met before.

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Will the room be available for the meetings?

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A third party makes off with the profits.


Maybe we can work something out.

It's time to feed the dog.

Can you make it work?

It's difficult to help people who can't admit they need help.

Caesar led the whole cavalry across the mountain.


He has a store on the main road.

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The manner in which he was apprehended shows that he was not much known, at that time.

We must make arrangements with them beforehand.

Don't cry before you're hurt.

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I think that I came too early.


Antony has got a large family.

Panacea got back home sooner than I thought he would.

Jun is working on that.

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How do you know all these things, Murray?

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Censorship, in my opinion, is a stupid and shallow way of approaching the solution to any problem.

The police think it's a suicide.

I'm going to need more help.

Is it a secret or something?

The students are busy preparing for the examination.

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I don't want to leave them.


Arnold is a potential babysitter.

Do you guys have any big plans tonight?

It will be dark by the time the police come here.

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I didn't see exactly what happened.


Is it a good source of potassium?

I will only buy the car if they repair the brakes first.

How much longer is it going to take?

She poisoned her husband.

It's over between us.

Some women don't prefer information, which they may think is just boring, and do prefer to rely on intuition, in which they may not be proficient.

Jane asked Betsy whether she'd like to stay at her place for the night.

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I said drop your weapon!

Wait until I'm done eating.

I thought you might ask that.

It may have been Olson who broke this window.

I lost my purse.

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You've worked more than I.