a gratitude journal of images

What is GratePic?

GratePic is a gratitude journal of images - a social network where users can cultivate gratitude in their daily lives. GratePic combines a picture with gratitude in order to form a "gratepic"; an image that represents appreciation for what is valuable and meaningful to the user.


A growing body of research over the past twenty years shows that gratitude is truly amazing in its psychosocial and physiological benefits. Several studies have found a strong link between gratitude and increased sense of well-being.


Counting Your Blessings

In this study, the effect of a grateful outlook on psychological and physical well-being was examined. Results suggest that a conscious focus on blessings may have emotional and interpersonal benefits.


Social Bonds of Gratitude

This study explores the potential role of gratitude on the reduction of loneliness feelings, even controlling for several variables related to social desirability, well-being and socio-demographic characteristics.

Gratitude & Reduced Inflammation

In this research study, the gratitude intervention was associated with improved trait gratitude scores and reduced inflammatory biomarker index score over time.



The development of each feature is
derived from evidence base research.


Each user has a profile view that acts as their own personal gratitude journal, a place where they can collect grateful moments.


Expressing gratitude to others is just as important as feeling grateful. Users can share their gratepics and express their gratitude on other platforms.


Pro-social behavior is strongly associated with gratitude. Users can view the gratepics of others in their feed.


Reflection is important to the gratitude process. The ability to scroll through gratepics eases grateful reflection.


Users can choose from multiple different gratepic formats to represent gratitude. The goal is for images to illicit strong positive grateful emotions.


Inspirational content has a positive effect on the user. Each user will have the ability to read, save, share, and upload inspirational stories.

Cultivate gratitude
& find happiness.