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Open Access to CSD3

EPSRC is offering open access to five Tier-2 High Performance Computing facilities through this call for proposals. The five facilities users can access through this call are: Cirrus, GW4, CSD3, HPC Midlands +, and JADE. Further details on each of these centres can be found in the call document.

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Access Mechanisms

There are a variety of mechanisms for accessing CSD3 resources including Pump Priming and Proof of Concept Access, EPSRC Open Access Calls, requesting resources on EPSRC Research Grants and simply paying for resources on the system.

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November 2017 Top500 List

The November 2017 Top500 list of the 500 most powerful commercially available computer systems features the new CSD3 Peta4 CPU/KNL cluster at position 75 with 1.697 PFlops and the Wilkes2 GPU cluster at position 115 with 1.193 PFlops.

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