It means a huge increase in the use of air conditioning which uses energy, which costs money and creates pollution.

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.

Mark may not be telling the truth.


I hope you will have a good time in Europe.

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The old man is above ninety.

I'll try to live up to your expectations.

We smell with our noses.

Eileen is an activist in his community.

What nationality is Carlo?


He's bent on having a doctor's degree before he's thirty.


He always says, "only kidding!" at the end.

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The curtain was up and the performance had started.

We're still trying to figure out what to do.

We're persevering.

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Our solar system is 26,000 light-years from the center of the Galaxy.

The women led the movement to obtain female suffrage.

Marlena seems attentive.

Ragnar felt bad.

Mark spoke for two hours.

I went there on an errand for Father.

The effectiveness of this method was confirmed by the experiences of many people.

Avoid bad company.

That man who committed that crime was out of his mind.

Neville is going to work on it.

He walked with his wife.


Why don't you just ask Barrett?

I can't talk now.

Each molecule in our body has a unique shape.

Come with me, both of you.

Pure talk.

The government finances are severely constrained because of falling tax revenues.

He shouldered the swing door open.

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His constant insults aroused my anger.

Dori will meet me later.

She gave him a few pointers on pronunciation.

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Would you hand me the screwdriver?


They pitched their tents on the beach.

I have never heard of him since.

"Do you enjoy seeing people blush, Norm?" "I'm not denying it."

Monty looks sad.

Why is it that you're always late?

It's more interesting to travel alone than to go on a group tour.

Frederick was poking at the fire.

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By teaching, we learn.

As soon as man is born he begins to die.

Come on, Kris, cut it out.

You're pretty busy.

Do you want to kiss me?


The purpose of a roundabout is to slow down traffic.


We had our photograph taken with a star player.

I didn't want it to happen.

We need to hire more people.


I feel good after one hour workout.

He asked me for my phone number.

I don't want to piss her off.

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The current national anthem of Georgia was accepted in 2004, when Saakashvili came to power.

They're always good.

We are the first nation to starve to death in a storehouse that's overfilled with everything we want.

In a drizzle, a fire will fizzle.

Ti has actually never been to Boston.

The way he spoke attracted the attention of a famous writer.

She made her crying baby drink some milk.


It started raining.

I hate quotations. Tell me what you know.

We don't know anything about Melinda.

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If anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either.


In May, all birds lay an egg.

May I ask him a few questions?

He is writing a book.


Don't forget the sunhat.

The moon has gone down.

Natto is sticky.

I couldn't do anything about that.

Dimitry ended up in jail.


If it wasn't for Maria, you'd probably be dead now.

I think Sofoklis might be involved in what happened.

I love doing this.

Her sons have gone to Tokyo.

Can you see how it works?


I'm not quite sure what I should be doing.

The last time our family got together was three Christmases ago.

I exchanged some yen for dollars at the bank.

It wouldn't be bad if you come as well.

There's nothing Lui can do.


Sooner or later he will tell me everything.

That boy isn't as mischievous as we thought he would be.

Everyone speaks highly of him.

Get my horse ready at once!

He contracted that illness many years ago.


The baseball match will come off next week.


I should've kissed Carlo.

But he's still alive?

Rumor says he resigned.

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Hey, man! What's up?

Would you join me for lunch?

Gill will stay here with us tonight.

Something is very, very wrong.

Give, and it will be given to you.

She's good at what she does.

He held up his hands in token of surrender.

We piled the wood in the backyard.

Cory doesn't like to exercise.

Get out of my house!

Marlena would kill me if he knew I told you.

I want you to burn all of her pictures.

Himawan was the underdog.

His sands are running out.

My mom is two years younger than my dad.

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What is driving them?


I knew it.

Izumi said he wanted to be your friend.

If I get rich, I'll buy a castle.

Please go back to your seats.

The doctor emphasized that the patient only had a few days to live.

It took a lot longer than I thought it would take.

An abundance of rice was produced last year.

As soon as she got her salary, she spent it all.

The women stuck to their cause.

We all jumped at the crashing noise.

You can't establish a company without people.

He who loves well reprimands well.

The guards didn't see me.

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Are you being paid for doing this?


There's nobody in your room.


Beware of anyone who claims objectivity.


I'm sorry I'm late. It won't happen again.


When does the movie start?

We should go inside the house.

I'm sure Mat regrets that now.


Why would anyone not like him?

As for me, I am quite happy.

Ssi opened the book.

What colour is Henri IV's white horse?

Glenn got hit by a girl.

Mark took his things and left.

Francois arrived after Joseph left.


Price said that Jess was a sissy.

Saify can trust Hon.

I'm getting rid of Maureen.

This sofa is not nice.

Mac put the luggage down.


One should not say bad words.

He called his mother up from the airport.

Do you like SF movies?

My brother can run very fast.

That woman has a strong personality.


It was hot last night.


Kee narrowly escaped being killed.

I know you don't know him.

We shouldn't take it lightly.


At one time we were enemies, but we've buried the hatchet and we are now on friendly terms with each other.

This book is too expensive. I can't afford to buy it.

You have to call them.

Mikey is going to have to try harder.

The party was successful.

Everyone can speak French well in Tunisia.

In autumn, the moon is very beautiful.

There's little hope that he'll succeed.

He acted fairly towards me.


I had the chance to buy that, but I decided not to.