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Computer game workshop, led by independent game developer educated in Bulgaria.

Upcoming release: RogueVerse Dungeon

A Roguelike Role-playing Dungeon crawler with unique battle mechanic and competitive hi-score leaderboard.
The game will be showcased on 3 Nov 2018, watch the video for more info:

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Released Free Web Games:

Quantum Of Light Dungeon Screener


Real Name:
Noncho Savov
Based in Bulgaria

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FoumartGames is a computer game workshop, led by an independent computer game developer, designer and artist. The studio is specialized in creating free web browser games.

Game "Quantum of Light" was nominated for best puzzle game of the year 2014 by Armorgames, where the game is one of the top puzzles overall with 9.3/10 rating.

Quantum of Light has been played by more than a million already. Tens of thousands of players followed the in-game HOME 2009 movie (870) 340-3688 to watch it on Youtube!

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Fellow Developers, read on :

I am a regular participant in events like Global Game Jam - attending at Plovdiv and Sofia, Bulgaria. Online competitions like Ludum Dare are another passion as well. Feel free to drop me a message if you have an idea and want to work together in a game jam! If you are looking for scripts check my Github page and my fiddles.

More for reading?

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2017-05-01  JavaScript Sound Effect Generator SoundFX
2016-11-23  JavaScript HTML5 Canvas Lens Flare effect
2015-02-28  Get the domain a SWF is hosted in with AS3

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