1,000 Days mining
50% payout
50% re-investment
1,000 Days mining
50% payout
50% re-investment
1,000 Days mining
60% payout
40% re-investment
1,000 Days mining
70% payout
30% re-investment
1,000 Days mining
70% payout
Mine ETH, ZEC, XMR, etc.

What makes Pinnacle Mining unique?

Here at Pinnacle Mining, we offer an easy way to access the cryptocurrency market. Our mining solution is suitable for beginners and seasoned veterans alike, no matter the knowledge scale. We are a company offering a simple way to profit from the Bitcoin market and engage in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining without all the hassle it represents.


Don't hassle with extremely hot and noisy miners at home. We take care of everything so you can mine without any headaches.


We allow the members to re-purchase additional shares to earn on the overall growth of the pool and offer ways for you to increase your shares.


Each membership gives you different bonuses. Refer a friend and get bonus of your friend's pool value, as part of the referral program.


Pinnacle Mining is here to bring cryptocurrency mining accessible to everyone. We believe cryptocurrencies have a long and significant role in the new monetary system. By combining a crowd funded mining pool with the power of an affiliate structure we have an opportunity for members to leverage their earning potential unlike anything else in this space. Pinnacle Mining pool shareholders become our partners in the realization of profits, while assuring themselves an active income.

The concept is very simple...

You purchase mining pool share that is used to purchase equipment to mine Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies. This pays you daily on whatever is mined. You share our business model to sign up other members. When they purchase mining pool share you get paid a commission on everything they purchase. The more you share, the more you can earn. It's that simple!

How To Get Started

To join Pinnacle Mining, First you must sign up at Pinnacle Mining.net and purchase shares in exchange for a percentage of all Bitcoin mined from the pool.

Sign up for Pinnacle Mining

Your account will be created and set to Pending until you pay your $99 membership enrollment.

Get a Bitcoin wallet

There are many different options available for you to set up your own wallet. You need a Bitcoin wallet because we accept only Bitcoin.

Begin mining Bitcoins

You can start earning Bitcoin on a daily basis. In order to be profitable today, you need to have massive purchasing power and this is where you coin in!.

Meet our team

We are a blockchain oriented team that offers cloud mining services for Bitcoin as well as for other cryptocurrencies. We believe that great minds thinking alike is good, but great minds from different fields of expertise is even better. We gathered together from our common passion for cryptocurrencies to offer you a simple and effective mining platform.

Contact Us

  • 5151 S. Procyon St, Las Vegas, NV 89118
  • Support@pinnaclemining.net