Legal Poker For Illinois Residents

As recently as March of 2013, Illinois lawmakers were introducing new bills, seeking to legalize online poker in the state. Whether these laws ever pass or not is, for now, almost beside the point; the main takeaway here is that the state of Illinois is a fairly gamer-friendly place, and its progressive approach to gambling is seen in its relatively lax poker laws. This does not mean that those who live in Illinois can play poker anywhere and everywhere, without the threat of legal consequences. It does mean, however, that there are numerous avenues for safe and even legal game play—with more such avenues likely to open in the future.

This page is intended to provide basic information and insight to Illinois residents who are interested in learning more about the state’s gambling laws. The page will first explore some of the nuances of Illinois’ gambling legislation. We will examine what the laws actually say about home poker games, casino poker play, and online poker. We will then address some specific ways in which Illinois poker enthusiasts can play without fear of legal consequences.

Illinois Poker Laws & Statutes

As we have already established, Illinois’ poker laws are somewhat in flux. Attempts have been made, and are still being made, to legalize online gambling, which suggests something of a forward-thinking attitude toward games of chance and of skill. In the meantime, it is important to note that online poker is safe—but there are also other options for players who live in Illinois.

Specifically, home games are allowed, when held privately and not on a for-profit basis. (This just means it is illegal to turn your home into a money-making casino.) Illinois does have multiple casinos, as well, including riverboat casinos that offer plenty of table games, among them poker.

Is it Legal to Play Online Poker in Illinois?

This brings us to the topic of online poker and its legality. This is a tricky question to address, as the answer is anything but black-and-white. It must be acknowledged that, strictly speaking, Illinois does not expressly condone online gambling. While online poker rooms may not be strictly approved by the state, however, that does not mean they are dangerous.

Indeed, the most important distinction to make may be the distinction between that which is legal and that which is safe. You see, while Illinois does not currently recognize online gambling as a state-sanctioned activity, neither does it penalize those who play in online poker rooms. If anything, legal liability falls to those who own and operate online poker sites. Illinois poker lovers can play online without having to worry about legal troubles.

Can I Get into Trouble for Playing Online Poker Illinois?

To ask the question in a more direct way: Will Illinois residents get into trouble if they choose to participate in online poker rooms? Again, the answer is a no. Illinois obviously has a permissive approach toward online gaming, and its current laws do not penalize those who choose to avail themselves of online poker opportunities.

The trick is simply to find some good, reputable online poker rooms. By finding poker sites that are licensed, or at the very least reputable, players can ensure that their online experience will be a positive one. There are numerous online poker rooms that Illinois residents can choose from.

Legal Poker Sites That Accept Illinois Players

When living in Illinois, many residents can get to thinking it’s just impossible to find good, legal poker sites tailored to their needs. Luckily, this is a false assumption. In the list below are several superb, legal online poker sites all verified as not only safe places to deposit money, but some of the most fun you can have on the internet.

Bovada Poker - Most Trusted Online Poker Room For Illinois

If one lives in Illinois and is looking for an online poker room that will not only present a player with ample opportunities to make a profit but provide a good time doing it, look no further than the Bovada poker site. Bovada has been operating for US residents for more than 20 years and has accepted Illinois residents for that entire duration. An Illinois resident will never have to worry about whether or not Bovada knows how to serve their specific needs, just rest assured that they do.

In order to prove it, this legal online poker room for Illinois residents will hook new players with a phenomenal deal just to get a chance at their business. For every new account with Bovada, when a deposit is made for the first time, it will be eligible to receive 100% of the money back in the form of bonus money just for using your account on a regular basis. That’s right – as a welcome gift and a thank you, Bovada poker room will give away free money simply for using their service.

BetOnline Poker - All Illinois Players 18+ Welcome Here

312-966-0563If avid players want to keep shopping around, they may find solace in the fastest growing poker site in Illinois in BetOnline. BetOnline offers great fun and profits for poker players of all skill levels, and many Illinois residents have stood up and taken notice. However, it’s not just other players who have gotten in on the action with BetOnline – media giants such as FOX and CSNBC have offered their ringing endorsements of the BetOnline network as a business that’s wholly legitimate in their operations, and a whole lot of fun.

One reason players from Illinois are flocking to this legal poker site is that they offer the most guaranteed money in tournament play. Sign on every weekend not only for a weekly $10,000 guaranteed money tournament, but for several seasonal and promotional tournaments as well. The ways to win with 249-974-3629 are endless, profitable, and most of all, a lot of fun!

Legal Illinois Poker Sites Welcome Bonus What To Play Site Rating
Bovada Poker Play / Sign Up $1,000 FREE - 100% Match Hold'em - Omaha Hi/Lo - Stud Hi/Lo
BetOnline Poker (442) 888-6342 Maximum $1K: 200% Rate Texas Hold'em - Omaha Hi/Lo
SportsBetting (559) 692-8471 200% Match / $1,000 Max Texas Hold'em - Omaha Hi/Lo
5Dimes Poker vexillation Vary Weekly - Check Website Texas Hold'em - Omaha Hi/Lo

Does Illinois Have Legal Land-Based Poker?

Now, we will turn our attention to specific questions about poker and its legality in Illinois. We will begin with live, land-based poker games. Online poker rooms excluded, are there any ways for Illinois residents to play poker without fearing criminal charges?

The short answer is yes. Home-based poker games are allowable in Illinois, as in most states. Additionally, Illinois poker enthusiasts can venture to any one of the state’s several riverboat casinos. For those who do not live close to these casinos, however, online poker rooms may offer much greater convenience.

Legal Land-Based Poker Rooms For Illinois Players

The practical question that Illinois gamers face is this one: Where are the best places to play? Really, there are two categories to consider—live, land-based poker opportunities, and online ones. As far as live poker goes, home games are always safe options, and the State of Illinois does boast a few casinos that are worth exploring.

For most poker enthusiasts in the State of Illinois, however, online poker is surely the most viable and convenient option. There are many online poker sites out there, and most of them will prove more than happy to embrace gamers from Illinois. This is not only a convenient way to play poker, but it is safe, as well.

Future of Poker/Online Poker in Illinois

Finally, we turn to the question of what the future holds for poker—and for online poker—in Illinois. There is no way to tell for sure, of course, but all signs point to an increasingly lax and tolerant view of gambling, and of online gaming in particular. Illinois is already a relatively player-friendly state, and its lawmakers have begun laying the foundation for the full legalization of online poker rooms.

Until that happens, players who live in Illinois can freely partake of online poker opportunities without having to worry about legal consequences. Though the state’s official stance is not yet one of full approval, that does not mean that online poker players face penalties. On the contrary, Illinois gamers can play online poker in total safety. Combine online poker with several find riverboat casinos and you have a state in which a good game of poker is never hard to come by!