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Ebb Tide Before the 2016 Marijuana Tsunami

  • we're gonna need a bigger boat."

    Marijuana Domain name speculators and developers are patiently waiting in the wings for the next surge in the ground swell for cannabis legalization. The 2016 fall election will see at least ten U.S. States with full-recreational use on the ballot. Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, California, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Florida, Missouri and Rhode Island all have the requirements met for election eligibility. In past elections cycles (like California) the initiatives have failed in part because the elections were mid-terms with notoriously low voter turnout. Current 420 name sales and exchanges are light in volume as premium name owners are holding fast to very strong price points. The keyword Canna remains strong, as well as names in the production and testing services segments. In an exciting market crossover, LED technology has momentum in the marijuana grow light market, both for new grow facilities and for retrofits of grow factories using older, power-intensive technologies. Regulatory issues loom large in the newly-legal recreational consumption states: Problems include product labeling and packaging requirements for child-safety concerns as well as standardization for allowable chemicals used in the production of consumer marijuana. Colorado has in some cases issued a marijuana recall for products that were grown using unauthorized additives.

  • California Legal Marijuana Initiative 2016

    The leading document is called the California Adult Use of Marijuana act, or AUMA. This is also known as the Sean Parker initiative. The organization called ReformCA has withdrawn their proposal and are now publically in the AUMA camp. Some of the highlights of the proposed law include: Adult Possession: allows for one ounce of dried herb, or up to eight grams of concentrate such as shatter or hash. Home Grown Weed: Local governments would not be allowed to ban indoor grow rooms, but have the authority to regulate outdoor growing by private individuals. If you are a renter, your Landlord has the right to make the rules and can ban grows or even possession. Each dwelling would be limited to six plants, no matter how many adults live in the residence. Hopefully your six plant harvest will exceed the 1 ounce rule for possession… in this case, you’ll be able to keep the whole stash. Public Marijuana Smoking: Basically, you are banned from toking up anywhere in public, but the law would allow for cannabis clubs and the possibility for consumption in private buses and limos. Concentrate Production: Strictly prohibited due to safety concerns and will be available only to licensed facilities. Start Date: Licensing would begin January 1st, 2018. There will be five separate classes, and you may hold a license in more than one class except the “tester” class can only hold that license alone. Marijuana Taxes: The State will collect $9.25 per ounce of dried herbal products, plus a $2.75 per ounce cultivation tax. Naturally, there will also be State and local sales taxes, and the local governments are free to add other taxes as they see fit. The revenues will go to cover regulatory costs first, then to Universities, economic development, highway patrol, medical research, THEN the rest is divvied up to drug use prevention and law enforcement.

  • Marijuana Article Store

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