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Eliminate the situational dependency, be your own saviour.

At times of emergencies, a human brain is prone to becoming numb and losing the ability to comprehend its surroundings, further obstructing any communication. In such situations, the unavailability of personal details, medical history or insurance details of a victim leaves the witnesses on scene handicapped.

myResQR is here to your rescue, bringing to you India’s 1st hybrid emergency response communication interface: a technology built to make sure that lives are saved at a scan of the victim’s QR code.

Our services let the first person on scene save the victim’s life by scanning his QR code and while doing so, automatically triggering a quick response system that will inform the victim’s relatives, the emergency forces of that area, as well as provide the responding doctors with all the necessary information that can help save his life.

We let our successful number of cases speak on our behalf.

Let myResQR reach you at times and places, where nobody else will.
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Life Saved

Two Roads to Safety

  • Stay home and be safe.


  • Carry your safety with you

The first road seems quite unreasonable to us. What about you? 

Now, changing fate, preventing accidents and baring emergency situations is beyond our work of area.

However, we at myResQR thrive to make sure that merely the absence of a helping hand at the RIGHT TIME doesn’t scar your future, because we value it.

myResQr card acts as your helping hand by providing accurate, up-to-date and complete medical information at the point of care, at the RIGHT TIME.


“Prevention is better than cure”- is what we believe in.

Benefits of myResQR professional services

Keeping the myResQR Card in your wallet equips you with your up-to-date medical history at all times.

In life’s ironic race for peace, let myResQR’s services relieve you of any worries that accompany an unsecured journey by ensuring just-in-time medical attention in cases of emergencies.

myResQR’s prompt round the clock reflex system has been built to inform your loved ones regarding the accident along with your current location, with a scan of your code.

Privacy isn’t negotiable, neither is the quality of our services. myResQR has been coded so much so to abide by the traits of a vault, keeping in mind our customer’s data’s value.

We have it all covered for you.

Spare a few minutes now, to save a few when they really matter.

Lost your Card? Don't Worry.

We have got you covered at all aspects.