Oxygen from the air dissolves in water.

I waited for an hour in the meeting room.

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Sabrina was Jussi's older brother.


I want you to be my boyfriend.


Is this going to take a while?

I was delighted to hear of your promotion to Senior Managing Director.

The sound grew fainter and fainter.

Your bicycle is much newer than mine.

It's just wrong.

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I urinate involuntarily.

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Push the green button and the light will go on.

Patrice doesn't know what's in this box.

You get in my way?


Kenton is off tonight.

Quit your bullying!

Please don't talk about me when I'm gone.

Cancer patients often have to deal with debilitating bouts of nausea.

I bet I can do better than her.

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Haven't you eaten lunch?

I found my glass in pieces.

Who knows what could happen to me?

Wolf got kicked off the team.

I'm not sure why they asked me that.

Everybody remembers Herbert doing that.

If you have been, thanks for listening.

It was raining on and off all through the night.

Do you love my eyes more than you love me?


The Internet has spoken.

No admittance except on business.

Choose one from among these prizes.


Did he note down Mitch's number?

Samuel helps anyone that asks him.

How will he repay his debts?


Did you do that just to make her jealous?

She dreamed a happy dream last night.

I know that you still cry for me sometimes.


Did anything interesting happen while I was gone?


He sang with his voice strained.

He opened the window to let in some fresh air.

He always worries about minor points.


I'm really, really sorry.

The express train will take you between major cities non-stop.

This dictionary has been of great use to me.

I think I broke my leg.

The instructor asked the swimmers to float on their stomachs.


I just told Lou that he should go out and buy something to eat.

You should turn in.

Do you like Asians?


They will hammer their swords into ploughshares and their spears into sickles. Nation will not lift sword against nation, no longer will they learn how to make war.


Everything should be done in accordance with the rules.

The accident took place near his home.

I study English at school.

I'm now very tired.

Little did I dream that I would never see her again.

Billy is coming here this afternoon, isn't he?

Unfortunately, I already have plans for that day.

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Come to think of it, I did see Taro.

You don't have to be crazy to work here.

I'm going to drop in at his house on my way home.

Retrace your steps and maybe you'll find your keys.

Jakob does exactly what I tell him.


Do you know what you've done?

I really like that girl.

He requested help.

The National Center for Education Information says a predicted teacher shortage won't pan out because teachers who left the profession are returning.

I interpreted his silence as consent.

You seem very busy.

Life lies in front of you.

Tim is bothering me.

This doctor is a man of culture.

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I don't see the connection.

I'm sure she loves me.

On a weekday.

Why is Facebook so famous?

That's exactly what I expected.

You must put on your overcoat.

The sun came out from behind the clouds.

I'll never forgive her.

I had a quarrel with him about trifles.

Lorenzo clicked the safety off on his rifle.

The magazine is researching the most disgusting insects on the planet.

We stayed around the bonfire telling jokes and horror histories.

Does your school have a library?


It's been a year since the French and the Dutch said "No!"

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I only meant to scare him.

Please be sure to let me know your new address soon.

Jim always avoids trouble at all costs.


I'm the guilty one.

I tried to write with the left hand.

Toerless showed me his picture.

Now that you have passed your test, you can drive on your own.

I'll be about again when my leg heals.

Marshall married for money.

I love fried bananas.


I'm so drunk.

Helen told Brooke he wasn't interested in discussing his problems with her.

He conjured up Arcadia reading the poem.


Why doesn't he tell the truth?


Has anyone attempted to "surf" the Internet since 1998?


Wilson is my son's best friend.


I'm sure you have a lot to think about.

I got an old Toyota from my uncle.

Something is definitely different.

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All the photos were posted on his Twitter profile.

In this country, everyone is spying on everyone.

Joel handed Graham a twenty-dollar bill.

Watch your step. The stairs are steep.

I'm really fed up with this heat.


I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me.


With all his money, he is not happy.

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Nils lives in an apartment.

Our school stands in the village.

Why would Manny want Sigurd to leave?


Something told me you wouldn't let this go.

It's written abazure (bitch). Surely this must mean a slut?

The minister listened to her profession of Christianity.

Andrew never drinks alcohol.

I am tempted to doubt your friendship.

Child as she is, she can act wisely.

He came in and greeted all those present with a handshake.

What is a computer?

I don't have time to translate this text.


He is my Spanish professor.

You were so happy.

Former London mayor Boris Johnson was the leader of the campaign for "Brexit".


I care about her very much.

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My name's on the door.

There isn't anyone in this place.

It is up to you whether you pass the examination or not.

Roxane switched off his computer.

I repeated what he said word for word.

We can't last long in this heat.

You prefer coffee.

A beautiful face is half of the dowry.

She did not want him to leave.


He was a great statesman and was elected president.

I have put off writing to him till today.

His house is beyond the hill.

A stranger living nearby is better than a relative living far away.

She is completely deaf in her left ear.

His ambition knows no bounds.

He speaks Hebrew very well.


I can't believe she just said that.

Do you want some wine?

Is the bridge safe?

Please pretend we never said this.

I am not leaving you.

Ssi encouraged our efforts.

The chairman suggested that we should discuss the problem.

I like to chew tobacco.

Pierre didn't say a word about it.

How much is the monthly rate?

It's a miracle that he wasn't killed in the accident.

She has some relation to that group.

We'd like to speak to her.

Gregge wondered if he had enough money to pay the bill.

I am tired of listening to Helen.


Everybody laughed at you.


The fine weather added to our pleasure.

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Saumya has to move out of his apartment by the end of the month.