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Welcome to Prism Power Limited

One-stop Specialists in Design, Manufacture & Installation of Mission Critical Power Solutions

Prism Power Ltd designs, manufactures, supplies and installs complete bespoke power systems that meet or exceed the clients’ requirements – first time, every time. We bring all requirements and elements together to work as a single point of contact; offering comprehensive solutions and maximum flexibility.

As a specialist trade supplier we strive for excellence in innovation, quality, efficiency and value for our clients. Prism Power has achieved a substantial presence within the Power industry since its formation in 2005 and can ensure continuity of supply by providing resilient, highly effective solutions and total systems support. With our global understanding of the power market we tailor solutions to meet rigorous industry requirements and deliver advanced power solutions and services to clients across all critical markets.

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Prism Power Limited
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Efficient & High Integrity Power Solutions

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