Tell us what happened to you.

I told her that I wasn't tired.

Peter says he needs time alone.

Something like that happened to me, too.

The New Horizons spacecraft was launched in 2006, and will arrive at Pluto in 2015. It will be the first spacecraft to visit that very distant dwarf planet.

What on earth do you want six copies of the same book for?


Rodent isn't wearing any pants.


Is she a friend?

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Good, right, yes.

The pain was terrible.

Here comes the bride!


I just can't stand this hot weather anymore.

I want to make friends with your sister.

I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend.

Such behavior can cause an accident.

You don't know the whole story.

Many stars are forming within the galaxy.

I just couldn't take it anymore.

Have you been helping to Gerald?

You think you're awake, but you may, in fact, be dreaming.

The market is glutted with cheap imports.

I like your family.

No wonder he failed the exam, after wasting so much time like that.

Were it not for the fact that he is a billionaire, she would never marry him.

Biography lends to death a new terror.

I can't believe Swamy really did that.


What're you doing with this?

It's an experiment.

Don't stay underwater.


He is chary of offending people.


You shouldn't be picky about other people's work, you know?

Can you eat these?

You don't have to buy me anything.

Your parents used to really love us.

Is that a new bathing suit?


I'm not wiping your tables.

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Looks like we're in a fine mess now.

A dog is a man's best friend.

I've got something far crazier in mind!

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I love this place.

I was thinking about asking her out.

He asked for a picture magazine to amuse himself.


Joubert said he didn't like this.


Having a telephone helped her find more clients.


He lifted his elbow too often.


I'll thank Claudio.

I don't seem to be going anywhere.

Fried food does not agree with me.

Louis was dismissed without notice.

Summer vacation is near at hand.

I am afraid your plan will not work.

She wakes up at six every morning.

I was just about to call 911.

Is this too big?

She has no deep convictions.

The police arrested Richard this afternoon.

I expect him to be here by three.

Why are you undressing?

Sheila's not in a good mood.

I do not know what to write in this sentence.


I'm waiting for your decision.

The accident deprived them of their only son.

He never takes any notice of what his father says.

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I know you don't want that to happen.

The internet is such an incredible development.

If I didn't have money I wouldn't have a house.

I don't spend too much time out in the sun.

Amarth couldn't get to sleep till after three last night.


Everyone is in the living room watching TV.


Do you think Polly is having fun?

Herman got soap in his eyes.

He is keen on soccer.

You're blocking my view.

I can't get rid of a bad cold.

Drew is handcuffed.

Your children look healthy.


Neville dyes his hair, doesn't he?

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Loosen the bottle cap to prevent pressure buildup.

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Are you a golfer?

Pierette's computer is not responding.

We need to burn all this stuff before the police get here.

I felt like God.

Was that word appropriate in that situation?

I hope someone famous sings one of my songs.

I happened along when the car hit the boy.


They have been cheated of the best things that life has to offer.

This will be a very dangerous mission.

He is the kind of man who cannot do anything in moderation, but always goes to extremes.

Kemal didn't say a thing.

You're all talk and no action!

He hit one straight out of the ballpark.

I'm the one that pays all the bills.


She had a nervous breakdown.

What do you expect me to tell Jaime?

A wrench is a commonly used tool.


Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?

Could you carry these suitcases for me?

Pravin follows a paleo diet.

You're entitled to your own opinion, but you're not entitled to your own facts.

Can you drive me home?

Many fear an uptick in the violence.

"He is dead and gone," she said to the sparrows. "We don't believe it," they replied.

Authorities in space colonies encouraged larger families.

She has done it before.


You are ill.

Tandy was killed by a hired assassin.

I'll take him with me, OK?

Dieter had a pious reputation.

You're all I've got.

For my part, I don't like this picture.

You can visit the museum tomorrow morning, while I am at the fair, because one person is enough to take care of the information booth.

Frederick hurt my feelings.

I bought a pair of shoes.


It looks like Jan will be staying for a while.

Dannie isn't sure how to respond to that.

We have no options but to continue.

I'm a big fan of Sedovic.

Also, after it is whipped, a fluffy texture emerges.

This is a photo of my painting.

Marc knows the game just changed.

My God, help me!

He exclaimed that she was beautiful.

I've got a partner.

It looks like my job's done.

Julian is going to stay here.

Blayne just asked me to take your temperature.

Ram is a little too old for me.

Conrad decided to make it up to Erik.

This is a beautiful house.

Pitawas came over to join us at our table.

How did you get a nickname like that?

I could really do with a grilled chicken right now.

Is there enough food to go around?

Toft stared off into space.

This work is simple enough for me to do.

I'm really tired. Today, I walked way too much.


Please enjoy your stay at this hotel.

Do you not know that it's impolite to ask a woman how old she is?

WW1 lasted from 1914 until 1918.

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I think, therefore I flee.

It was cheaper than I thought it would be.

Do you want a salad?

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Be quiet, all of you.

By the 23rd century, human clones with genetic modifications, such as a different hair colour, became more common.

You cannot put the entire blame on me!


I thought it was an earthquake.

What colour are those?

Juliane dialed the wrong number.

A shower has laid the dust.

You should try to make your way despite all the difficulties.

It is especially hot today.

Meztli likes the moon.

In this film they both portray notorious gang leaders.

It will cost around 10,000 yen.

We should give Rajeev another chance.

Kyu did it single-handedly.

Libor is the London Interbank Offered Rate.

American films are more popular than those of any other country.


I'm ready for anything.

Bret will be able to drive a car soon.

You have to dedicate yourself to the task.

Shankar asked me to help Santa.

Ben and Shahid are playing poker.

I don't know why she is this worried.

Neal built a treehouse for his children.

Let's descend the slope.

They say that she'll get married soon.

We should do away with such a bad custom.

Who doesn't like that?