My dream has come true.

Don't hesitate to call if you need me.

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Tell Rodney to stop worrying.


Let's move the bed.

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From what material is the frame of your glasses?


I want breakfast in my room.

I don't consider this to be important.

She has a bad habit of chewing on her pencil.

The word processor is easy for us to use.

Do you miss Alejandro?

Norm reformatted his hard drive.

People ask me 'why would you want to cherish a piece of junk like that?' But this little beauty means the world to me.

Sassan climbed onto the roof.

We found the right place.

It was merely a matter of luck.

A storm is imminent.


Ramiro could do it.


I'm texting her.

Were you jealous?

Where are we going to lunch?

Rajendra just wanted to have fun.

I'm declaring an emergency.


Not all the students were present.

No one is saved from death.

Anyone who uses or works with Esperanto is an Esperantist, and every Esperantist has the right to consider their language a simple medium for international comprehension.


Vassos said he'd never heard of me.


Eli is also in love with Marvin.

Dennis moved house.

Little fish are swimming in the aquarium.

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His death was instantaneous.

Was that really your fault?

I love shopping for clothes.


Rudolph was embarrassed to admit that he had started learning the guitar to impress girls.

Ralph has two French dictionaries.

There's no need to do that.


Oscar is clearly troubled by something.

It's probably bad.

His letter indirectly refers to the matter.

We love Damon dearly.

Can you tell where this is?

Are you feeling better now?

The dog is brown, small, and thin.


I can almost touch the ceiling.


The president appointed a new manager.


I am in the classroom.

When do we eat?

The crime was premeditated.


He said to me, 'Study hard, or you won't pass the test.'

What made you confess?

He glanced at her.

The native language is now used on many web-sites.

He established the firm.

Why did you come in here?

Look what I found on the beach.

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Now that I have a job, I can be independent of my parents.


Why don't we take a little break?


Ted told Vickie that she could do whatever she wanted to do.


He cannot wish for anything better.

Let me know as soon as you're ready.

I keep telling you I don't want your help.


He stepped into the lion's den.

She is suffering from kidney disease.

I wasn't raised like that.

I don't feel equal to doing the work.

After falling victim to clickbait, my computer caught a virus.

I slept on the boat.

This is probably the wrong thing to be worrying about.

We had a jolly good time.

Don't you think this has gone far enough?

The person I look forward to working with is Bob.

I don't call this a spider; I would call it a monster.

These trousers need pressing.

Lea can be trusted.

The informants we used consisted of twenty Americans and twenty-one British.

She can't come with us.

I'm going to kiss you now.

Please take these dishes away.

Try to make it last a little longer.

Saad doesn't appear to agree.


Joon's a yo-yo dieter, who's lost weight many times, only to put it back on again.

It doesn't become a gentleman to fuss over trifles.

This is my brother.

Please be ready in fifteen minutes.

Mr. Bingley inherited property to the amount of nearly a hundred thousand pounds from his father.

I can't get my shoes off.

I've heard the French version of this song.

The hunter shot the bird.

We can find societies without science, without art or without philosophy; but there never was a society without religion.

In a morning stroll, I was able to take excellent photos.

In case of fire, you should dial 119.

Laurie might've died if you hadn't been there.

Rajeev keeps getting hurt.

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What do you mean, you slept with her?


Raul put the plan into practice.

That street was very noisy.

The park is planted with trees of some kind or other.

I'm hungry now.

There's no evidence to suggest that Caleb has been anything other a good father.

I did nothing last night. I just relaxed on the sofa!

I like these.

She's too old for you.

He is above me.

I do not know how to distinguish between our waking life and a dream. Are we not always living the life that we imagine we are?

Myrick had no chance to tell Ginny what he thought.


Don't worry about whether or not you get the right answers.

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American generals believed they could win an easy victory.

I received a letter written in English yesterday.

Ronni calls Sjaak once in a while.

We're all invited.

He reached for the dictionary.

Since this morning I've read three books.

Do you have any more questions?


You may make use of his library.

Selling cars is my business.

Those has long hair which he wears in a ponytail.

That's the scary part.

For a propeller-powered aircraft, the gas that is accelerated, or the working fluid, is the surrounding air that passes through the propeller.

I didn't do very well on today's exam.

I don't understand why Tharen is late.


I thought I had nothing to lose.

Meeks knows why Molly is upset.

Why the devil do you come to me saying you've lost your dog? What have I got to do with whether you buy yourself another one?

Everyone in our class passed the test.

Juha gave his dog a piece of leftover Christmas turkey.

He buys medicine.

I used to do that.

Those people are amazing.

The telephone is now out of order.

Consider yourselves lucky.

I like a challenge.


I have nothing to confess.

He reads the newspaper in order to keep up with the times.

The new government is faced with threatening gestures of a neighboring great power.

Do you want your money in coins?

I'm feeling a little tense.


I didn't have to help Cecilia, but I did.

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This is morally wrong.

French is a very interesting language.

He sells vegetables.

Mann took off his sunglasses.

"Susan, are you downstairs?" "No, I'm upstairs."

We'd like to speak to her.

I don't exterminate your rats.

I know what you guys are eating.

Would you like to go out with me tonight?

You're the one who kissed me.

She never saw her brother again.

Jeffery has been through chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

I think it will be easy to do the job.

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Before forks and chopsticks, people usually ate food with a piece of flat bread.


He helped me move.

Pratap will pay for what he did to us.

I'd like to stay here as long as possible.

About the wedding ... It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be the main attraction so instead of doing it on a shoestring why not pull out all the stops and make a great show of it?

What I like in this book most is its wonderful quotes, especially in the first part.

It may be the last time.

Never tell the truth when a lie will do.

Oil is necessary to run various machines.

Polar bears live in the Arctic.

The boys who helped us weren't so young.

That's why we got divorced.

The cluster of cells continued to grow in the laboratory.

While this group has a great deal of spending power, it is not working, and therefore, not producing anything.

They wanted to deal in gold and silver.

I stayed at home all day instead of going to work.

Tokyo is as large a city as any in Japan.

You've hurt me.