JuicEcommerce is from the base up capable of multi-channel sales; all your sales-points from Webshops to marketplaces like eBay or Amazon or even in App sales are treated as channels. Channels can have different articles, price-calculations shipping conditions but they are all controlled from one place.

Omni Channel

We don't stop there, through integration of different payment gateways, just connect your bill-counter solution directly to JuicEcommerce, and manage in-store sales within the same platform.

Full Integration

JuicEcommerce is build to integrate into your business environment. Manage your articles from your preferred back-office solution, and synchronize your shop with constant updates on article data, prices, stock and customer data through real-time interfaces. In other words, when changing one article's attribute in your ERP, in matter of seconds this information is distributed to all the configured channels.


There are currently ports for different ERP systems available, like SAP. From sychronisation of Articles, Customers and Orders, to real-time price inquires are some of the capablites.

Adjust to your requirements!

JuicEcommerce is build from ground up modularized, which allows easy extension and customization for your needs. Through a clear separation of independent services, distinct process and events the workflow can be manipulated and adjusted to your needs.

Content Provider

Import your articles stock from content provides, ranging from texts, images, documents to prices. There is already a range of modules for several content providers available, sourcing data from IceCat, CNET and DCI

Supply Chain Monitoring

Despite Blockchain applications in this regards, its possible to display nearly real-time prices and stocks if your supplier is providing this data.

Blockchain - Supply Chain Monitoring

JuicEcommerce is the first e-commerce solution, applying blockchain technologies for securing sales, with a monitoring of your supply chain.

Real-time availability

In a complete scenario, as soon as an item is released by the producer to the market its entering the Blockchain. Every sales, transaction between producer, supplier, distributors will be added to the Blockchain. This information grantees you available quanities in real time.

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